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Current Projects

Ham radio stuff
My GPS clock project and a software defined radio
Slow Scan Television received at my QTH
My Battery-Electric Co-Co.
This is the first loco I built.
TWS, my second loco.
A petrol-electric this time.
AALS National Conventions
Photos and videos of some of the Australian Association of Live Steamers National Conventions I have been to.
Protel Autotrax GUI.
Printing from Autrotrax to your windows printer made easy.
Class of 62.
Pictures and memories from a simpler time.
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Personal Interests

Our Marremas
Good family companions and excellent watch dogs...


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Contact Information

E-mail address (remove anti-spam stuff first)

bats059 [at] gmail [dot] com

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Comments and Suggestions

Please Email me telling me what you think about this page and how I might improve it.

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