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I started serious exercise some years ago after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and diverticulitus in the same week- control for both is diet and exercise, so I lost some 35 kilos and started going to a free, local council-run program called "Fitness in the Park." After a few years I started running to supplement fitness in the park- now I mainly do middle-distance running, supplemented occasionally by fitness in the park. My main distances are 5 and 10k, with the odd half-marathon to stop me getting complacent. The photo is after my first-ever half marathon, at the age of 70.

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My parkruns

In January 2016 my step-daughter introduced me to parkrun,, a worldwide, free, timed, non-competitive, weekly 5k walk/jog/run.

You may notice some of my times are around an hour- these are when I volunteer as Tailwalker, whose job is to be the last person on the course, to carry a first aid kit, and act as first responder to take care of any problems that may occur on the run.

Parkrun relies completely on volunteers- without volunteers every week there can be NO parkrun. If every parkrunner volunteered just 3 times a year, we would always have enough. Sadly, this doesn't always happen, putting a much bigger load on the people who do volunteer, so please consider giving up just three runs a year to volunteer. The jobs are easy, fun and rewarding, and training for the various roles is given.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, from March 18th 2020, all Australian parkruns were cancelled until further notice

As of Mid-October 2020, many Australian parkruns have restarted.

December 2020- with my plantar fasciitis now settling down somewhat, I can finally do some limited running

and resume chasing that elusive 250 parkruns t-shirt

Ken JOHNSON (180 parkruns)

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Most Recent Runs

EventRun DateGender
Bellerive parkrun02/01/20219115332:2855.70%
Bellerive parkrun01/01/20216210132:4555.22%
Bellerive parkrun26/12/20206411932:4955.10%
Bellerive parkrun25/12/20207213533:2154.22%
Bellerive parkrun19/12/20209517735:5950.25%
Queens Domain parkrun12/12/20206112234:2851.79%
Bellerive parkrun14/03/20208919239:3445.11%
Bellerive parkrun07/03/202011323448:4936.57%
Bellerive parkrun29/02/202010421236:4548.57%
Bellerive parkrun15/02/202013733359:3729.94%

Event Summaries

Bellerive parkrun74334800:29:06AllGraph It!
Hobart parkrun74172800:32:03AllGraph It!
Nuriootpa parkrun87900:31:16AllGraph It!
Montrose Foreshore parkrun3426300:31:24AllGraph It!
Nightcliff parkrun3385100:32:50AllGraph It!
Darwin parkrun27011400:36:43AllGraph It!
Clare Valley parkrun28900:34:12AllGraph It!
Launceston parkrun29816000:31:12AllGraph It!
Queens Domain parkrun26111500:31:38AllGraph It!
Railton parkrun181700:31:58All 
Palmerston parkrun1354900:33:06All 
Geeveston parkrun1254901:00:31All 
Windsor Precinct parkrun1233000:30:02All 
Kingston Park parkrun19113600:31:58All 
Burnie parkrun1395000:30:10All 
Wynyard Foreshore parkrun1132000:30:27All 
Torrens parkrun115322100:34:02All 
Totals 1787900:29:06All

Volunteer Summary

Volunteer Total = 34

of Times
2020Tail Walker3
2020Barcode Scanning1
2019Funnel Manager1
2019Pre-event Setup1
2019Tail Walker13
2018Barcode Scanning1
2018Funnel Manager1
2018Tail Walker6
2017Barcode Scanning1
2016Tail Walker1

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