Steven Radford

Christmas 2020- sad news from Glyn Senior- Glyn writes "We've lost Steve Radford. He died in June 2020 and it was a sad and lonely death.

Basically, the American legal and medical system had bankrupted him and he passed away from various ailments.

The problems started when he was in a car accident at work and he assumed his firm's lawyer was also his lawyer. Big mistake. He got screwed.

He lost his job because his leg was buggered and, even with insurance, he had to pay $50-$200 for each visit to the doctor, and the costs just mounted.

When he died, his landlord found Brian Moss's email on Steve's computer and contacted him, Bri put a message on the Owler Lane/Hinde House FB page prompting

me to text Steve's niece in Australia and then there were emails flying around between California, Florida, Paris, Tokyo and London trying to get Steve's

affairs in order. I'm still not sure if everything has been sorted.