Owler Lane School

Class of '62

Hover your cursor on the faces for the names, click on faces for information on individuals, if any has been provided.

Thanks to Andrew Civico for this photograph of us before the years took their toll, and to Glyn Senior for filling in the blanks- click here for the full size version.

A note from Glyn, 'The class was 2b and I think there are a few missing. Eddie Lister, Brian Moss , Roger Sidwell and ArthurLudlum'

Back row, left to right- Chris Housley, Andrew Civico, Ian Hall, Willerby Newsome, Roger Green, George Webster, Steve Adams, Alan Vernon, Dave Brooks.

Second from back, left to right- Dennis Tomlinson, Tony Baily, Graham Roberts, Michael Greatbatch, Steve Radford, Ken Johnson, Brian Willoughby, Phil Woodall, John Cresswell, Ian Wilkinson

Third from back, left to right- Johns Clapham, Michael Theil, Tony Oxley, Glyn Senior, Fred Glasby, John Butt, Kevin Robinson, Ray Richardson (deceased), Michael Dukes (deceased).

Front row, left to right- Ian Pringle, Michael Brooks, Eric Johnson, Percy.

These next two photos were kindly sent to me by Val Sidwell. I have numbered each face, so if you can name any of them, please email me with the name that fits the number.

Update 2012-07-15. Thanks to an email from Mick Fearnehough, we now have some more names and a corrected class number for the following two photo's.

Class 1-2

Click here for the full size version. 

Class 2A

Click here for the full size version. 

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